Kacey Shea - Author

30 X 40 Blanket of Caught in the Flames 

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Birthday Blaze is now FREE!

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Brennan O’Shea might be every woman’s dream.



Built like a tank and inked to perfection.

A fireman. Really, what else is there?

Yeah, he’s a fantasy brought to life if only it weren’t for one little problem. Okay, it’s a big one. He can’t talk to women. The more attractive the lady, the more words fail him. And his beautiful, friendly neighbor Jenny has Brennan lusting for more than chatty banter. Will a birthday wish give him a shot with the woman he wants? Or will his hopes go up in flames?

Birthday Blaze originally appeared in the Amazon bestselling charity anthology Hook & Ladder 69. This short story is a fun, sexy read that showcases Kacey’s humorous story-telling and colorful characters. 

Fleece Blanket